My mission as a creative and visionary leader is to remind each person I work with, that by birthright, they are creative beings and that it is safe, it is time, it is important NOW that we each find our part of the creative thread that is ours to carry and shine as the light that we are.   I am a stand for those who are finding their own way back to their heartspace.  

As a Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher in Training, I am curating my own piece of that creative work in the world in the form of workshops & Sacred Grove Sessions.  These offerings are designed to assist participants in rewriting old, outdated stories, into BELIEVABLE stories of truth.  This takes form through inner inquiry, written dialogue, and paint. This work is a catalyst for getting your story into alignment with the truth you came here to live.  By attuning our inner ear to the language of our heart, and expressing ourselves through both paint and word, we bring our heartsong into form.  Painted visuals filled with words and symbols unique to us take on the form of our goals, desires, and truth, and become signposts and reminders that we can access physically as needed.  

 The beauty of the process is that absolutely no artistic experience is needed, so the first story that everyone who attends our sessions gets to rewrite is the story that says they are not creatives!  The only thing needed to is an open heart and a willingness to listen and trust your own inner wisdom.   

I have been painting since picking up my first brush at the age of 2.  I am also trained in Reiki I & II,  as well as Faerie Reiki.  I live in a rural community in a small cottage situated on 3 acres that we call Owl's Grove where we are co-creating a permaculture food forest that benefits not only ourselves but the local wildlife.  We have 3 dogs a goose, a dozen free range hens, & cats.   My husband and I are blessed with 2 amazing boys whom we homeschool, and you can find us all out and about participating in our local community and the larger world in general as we love traveling as well.